Bsb110 Assignment Management

Lecturer always ran out of time, which can only come from poor planning. Thinks the word 'but' is no good to say because her son told her so, and this became a time waster when she would accidentally say it and tell the same old story why she shouldn't say it. She was entertaining though when she related accounting to relationships, for example that a partnership is like a marriage, or that assets like her car last longer than her marriage. Content was thoroughly enjoyable, but I think you have to like numbers to enjoy it. That said, maths level was very basic. Lecturer mentioned 'higher order thinking' concepts but these were only logical and did not extend my high cognitive function. For example, that an incentivised manager should choose the depreciation method that results in higher profit. Or that an owner should choose one that results in less profit to minimise tax. Very basic concepts indeed. For exam, learn the two primary qualitative characteristics: relevance and faithful representation. Enhancing qualitative characteristics are not assessed, although they are covered in tutorials and good to know. Pay attention to financial ratios early on as they are assessed in the exam, but you only need to know whether a change is good or bad and be able to briefly explain what the ratio means and what it measures. You don't need to know how to calculate the ratio in exam but you do for the assignment. Also know cash receipts from customers and cash payments to suppliers calculation, but don't bother with a full statement of cash flows.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

A great little unit to get started in accounting. Easy to understand and get a great mark as long as you follow the learning in tutorials and lectures.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

This is a very unenjoyable subject! Too much theory no practicals.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Janet was great, got everything with her and was able to pick up the content really well. Not sure who this new lecturer is but shes absolutely useless. for one she skips slide before iv even go the chance to read them and doesnt bother to explain anything but assumes we know. Dont even understand what shes staying. Accounting has become an absolutely hell to learn she came in.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

The new lecturer, Chrisann is hopeless. I am annoyed by her voice (possibly just my own opinion though). Janet was fantastic though, I don't know why they didn't just keep her for the whole semester. The new lecturer is so frustrating with the way she goes through content, and she's always getting distracted, mostly by food. I totally lost all motivation to attend lectures, and watching them online was even more annoying, because it was just her voice. I ended up just taking notes from the slides and going to the workshops to learn content.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016


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Former tutor of QUT and UQ, and have been assisting a great number of students from Griffith and JCU. Currently, working at bank as Credit Analyst. Capable of effectively combining theory and industrial practice to ensure students achieve ideal result in both exam and real world.

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Griffith and QIBT
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1305AFE Business Data Analysis
1003MKT Introduction to Marketing
1101AFE Accounting Principles
1304AFE Business Statistics
2102AFE/2108AFE Financial Accounting
2104AFE Management Accounting
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IES Foundation
Academic English

ACCT1101 Accounting for Decision Making
ACCT2101 Financial Reporting
ACCT2102 Principles of Management Accounting
ECON1010 Introductory Microeconomics
ECON1020 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON1310 Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis A
BISM1201 Transforming Business with Information Systems
BISM3222 Information Analysis and System Design
BISM2202 Data Analytics and Information Management
BISM3201 Accounting Information Systems
ACCT3104 Management Accounting
ECON2300 Introductory Econometrics
FINM3401 Corporate Finance
FINM3404 Banking & Lending Decisions
ECON1320 Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis B
BISM3206 Advanced Data Analytics
MKTG1501 Foundations of Marketing
ACCT3101 Auditing & Public Practice
ECON3210 Financial Markets & Institutions
ACCT3103 Accounting for Corporate Structures
ACCT7102 Financial Accounting

BUS101  Business Analytics
BUS102  Introduction to Economics
BUS104  Introduction to Management
BUS105  Introduction to Marketing
BUS203  Business Law and Ethics
BUS320  Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
ACC106  Accounting Principles
ACC210  Financial Accounting
ACC211  Business Finance
ACC220  Law of Business Associations
ACC221  Company Accounting
ACC310  Management Accounting
ACC311  Taxation Law and Practice
ACC320  Contemporary Accounting Issues
ACC321  Auditing and Professional Practice
BUS108  Introduction to Informatics
FIN210  Introduction to Financial Planning

ACC1101 Accounting for Decision-Making
CIS1000 Information Systems Concepts
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate Finance
LAW1101 Introduction to Law
STA2300 Data Analysis
ACC1102 Financial Accounting
ACC2115 Company Accounting
MKT1001 Introduction to Marketing
ACC2113 Management Accounting I
LAW2106 Law of Business Organisations
ACC3101 Accounting Information Systems
ECO1000 Economics
LAW3130 Revenue Law and Practice
ACC3118 Auditing
ACC3116 Accounting and Society
FIN1103 Financial Markets
FIN2302 Financial Economics
FIN2105 Portfolio Management
FIN2108 Credit Analysis and Lending Management
ECO2000 The Macro-economy and Business
FIN3106 International Finance
FIN3101 Finance Theory and Applications

BU1002 Accounting for Decision Making
BU1003 Economics for Sustainable Business
BU1007 Business Data Analysis & Interpretation
BU1008 Managing Consumer Markets
BU1112 Business Law
BX2011 Accounting Principles & Systems
BX3011 Company Accounting
BX2012 Cost and Management Accounting
BX2014 Financial Management
BX2016 Business Modelling
BX3012 Contemporary Issues in Accounting
BX3014 Auditing
BX2112 Law of Business Organisations
BX2019 Business Information Systems
BX3112 Taxation Law
BX2031 Personal Portfolio Management
BX2032 Financial Institutions and Markets
BX3133 Risk Management
BX3134 Finance of International Trade
BX3135 Credit and Lending Decisions
BX2133 Management of Financial Institutions

ACCT11059 Accounting, Learning and Online Communication
ACCT11081 Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT19061 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT19062 Intermediate Financial Accounting
LAWS11030 Introductory and Contract Law
STAT11048 Essential Statistics
ECON11026 Principles of Economics
FINC19011 Business Finance
ACCT19060 Management Accounting
ACCT19064 Auditing & Professional Practice
LAWS19032 Company & Association Law
LAWS19033 Taxation Law and Practice A
ACCT13017 Financial Statement Analysis
MRKT11029 Marketing Fundamentals

HA1011 Applied Business Statistics
HA1022 Principles of Financial Management
HA2011 Management Accounting
HA2022 Business Law
HA2032 Corporate Accounting
HA2042 Accounting Information Systems
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting
HA3021 Corporations Law
HA3032 Auditing
HA3042 Taxation Law
HA3051 Accounting Theory
HC1011 Introduction to Accounting
HC1041 Information Technology for Business
HC2091 Business Finance
HC1072 Economics and International Trade
HC1082 Marketing and Entrepreneurship
HI2011 International and Global Business

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never gotten any single response

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David is very patient and an excellent tutor who explains very clearly what you need to understand.

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