Essay On My Younger Sister Got

How to Write a Descriptive Essay About a Younger Sister

Were you assigned a task at school to write a spot on descriptive essay about your younger sister? And now you do not know how to start it, do you? What should you include in such a paper? How to write a perfect essay and get a high mark? You are going to get answers to these questions in this article about how to write a descriptive essay on your younger sister.

Get as much information as possible

That is probably the most important part while preparing for writing an essay. The reason is that to compose an essay you have to know a lot about the subject you are writing about. Now, you are going to describe your younger sister, her appearance, hobbies, character traits and so on. It is obvious that to write a brilliant essay you have to gather as much information as possible. Where to get all necessary stuff? Read the points below and freshen up your ideas.

  • A photo of your sister. As it was said before, you are going to describe her appearance. Surely, you can ignore this advice, but without a photo you can miss or forget some details. Having a photo, you will easily spot something that makes your sister a unique person. This includes interesting birthmarks, scars, which remind about an adventurous childhood and what not. That is why it is a good idea to have a photo nearby while writing an essay.
  • Talk to your parents. Who can know her better than her parents? Go and ask them about her behavior during her childhood era. Get to know if she was a good child or quite a capricious little lady. Believe us, you will be surprised after hearing some facts about your sister. Exactly these facts can become a wonderful addition to your story.
  • Talk to her best friends. It is known that children have a lot of friends. Honestly, that is a period of our life when we have the biggest amount of best friends. So, go and ask your sister’s friends about her. Ask what they can say about her personality, if she appreciates their friendship or not, what they like the most about her and what do they dislike. Often children do not know how to lie, so you can be almost sure that what you heard is the truth.
  • Refresh your memories. As you are the elder child, you surely remember your sister when she was a baby. Recall how you helped your parents bring her up. Maybe you stayed with her while the parents had to go somewhere, buy something or had a meeting. You will definitely remember something interesting about her that no one else does.
  • Talk to your sister. If you want to know your sister’s preferences and hobbies, speak with her directly. Ask about her hobbies, what she likes to do or cannot stand doing like vacuuming or visiting parents’ friends. She will definitely help you because she is your sister.


It is a good idea to note down the questions, which you are going to ask. The reason is that you can forget something you wanted to ask about and that can be a really good question. So, sit and make a list of questions you are going to ask. Moreover, we advise you to note answers, especially if they are interesting and valuable. Believe us, you will be angry if you forget something really cool. It does not take much time to make this list, but it will be very helpful for you.

Relax Before the Start

It is crucial to have some rest before writing your essay. You see, you will get bored and tired very soon if you begin to write right after gathering the information. Your brains need to have a little rest even if you feel that you can write this essay. It is proved that a person is more likely to give up doing something if there is no rest during working. So, it is a good idea to go for a little walk, lay down on your bed or just sit down and close eyes for 30 seconds. It is enough for our brain. After that, you can start writing your essay.

The Beginning

It is a bad idea to start talking about your sister at the very beginning. Firstly, you have to write something general, for example that you have a wonderful family of four (that depends on how many members live in the house). Then say who is in your family. Say what makes your family happier, how you like one another and what you like most about your family. After that you can write that you want to introduce your younger sister.

The Main Body

The main body is the biggest part of your essay including all the necessary information. That is why there are some crucial points you have to write about. All these points and how to write each of them are listed for you below. If you still need some more information, visit this website.

  • General information. In this paragraph you introduce your sister’s name, surname, age and place where she lives. This paragraph is not big, but this information is important.
  • Before writing this part, put the photo of your sister closer. Firstly, say something about her body. For example, she is a tiny girl with thin legs or quite tall paunchy girl. Then write about her hair and face. For example, she is a girl with long and straight hair often done in braids. Her face is oval, that is why she seems to have clear cheekbones. Then say something about her lips, eyes and nose.
  • Take your notes and write her character traits. Underline what you like most about her, like you respect her willpower and kindness. Do not forget about some unpleasant traits like stubbornness or maybe bossiness. It all adds to the image.
  • Mention if she goes to school or kindergarten. Write if she likes it, has friends there or on the contrary, does not. Say what she dislikes about this place.
  • In this part you have to say about an unusual hobby, but quite interesting like collecting feathers or drawing aliens.
  • Write about her attitude to you, your parents, and friends. Say if she is an easy-going person or prefers to be quiet.

The Last Paragraph

This part of your essay does not have to be long. It is enough to say how much you like your sister and family. That would be the best ending.


Hopefully, this article was full of useful information for you. Now, when you know all these facts, go and prepare a brilliant paper. Good luck!

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