Paul Wall And Chamillionaire Thinking Thoed Essays

[Lew Hawk]
Yea, I'm thinkin' about putting 20's on a cab
And pickin' up more hoes than a WNBA draft
Yea I'm thinking I'm 7:30
Yea I'm fly as a muthafucka
Yea I'm thinking about buying my own Astrodome
The Lew Hawk Dome
I'm thinking about putting my face on Hundred dollar bills
I'm thinking what the fuck do this boy got up in his suite
Cause I'm zero tolerance on the premo glass
I'm not even trippin' like that I'm thinkin' O
I'm thinkin' about taking this deep freeze off my neck
This ice tray out my mouth, I'm thinkin' about keepin' my pockets fatter
Than mother loves big ass
I'm thinking about, yea know what I'm talkin' bout

[Paul Wall]
Peek-A-Boo my mouth is a picture show
Ice glow from the tip to the lip below
I'm thinkin' 3 carats on every tooth
TV's falling so heavy
Left a dent in my roof
To tell you the truth
Chamillionaire's better than me
His flip-flop shines a little bit wetter than me
But it don't matter
We both on the same team
I'm thinkin' thoed and I know we think the same thing
I chop the block like circumcision
Looking at my chain too hard it'll hurt ya vision
Steppin' into my garage
Should be worth admission
I got deep dishes
Just like if I worked in the kitchen
I'm thinkin' paint that change every-time ya blink
My rims are 23's so they old enough to drank
I don't like dinosuars or Jurassic Park
But the rims sure look Jurassic when I Park
Where I live resembles an enormous mall
I got green like the lettuce that a farmer haul
Paint shine Like i waxed it with Armor-All
I'm thinkin Golf Cart with the Alarm installed
Trunk turn and flips
People think I teach gymnastics
I'm throwed like a fast ball from Greg Maddox
I'm thinkin Louis Vuitton or some Reebok Classics
Cause my money stretch kinda similar to elastic

I'm thoed, thoed, thoed
Thinkin thoed, thinkin bout how ima get this dough
So we roll, roll, roll
Stack our fold even if we gotta step on toes
Then it grows, grows, grows
When it grows money doubles then we go get mo
I dont know, know, know
I dont know but they haven't been told

Uh, listen I'm thinkin'
Knock, knock, who is it? Mr. here Lizard, Lizard
Got 23's like we watchin' them Washington Wizards
I'm thinkin' pullin 'so many cars out the garage
That the city will build a freeway that ends in my yard
I'm keeping big face people
In the safe or the wallet
So that man Uncle Sam can't jock my deposit
Hold up Paul I'm impressed
I thought you was the best
But you just said I was the best
So its a tie I guess
NBA draft teams wanna recruit us
3-point diamonds man
The Lakers couldn't out-shoot us
Got them groupies sittin' on the Gucci stitchin'
And coups be flippin' wonderin' why the roofs is missin'
Buy ya ad on the back of a carton of milk
And ask have you seen the roof for the car with stilts
I'm thinkin', the rims get any bigger under the coupe
Then ima have to jump out the coupe with a parachute
Spreewell rims on the lawnmower
But don't need to be fast
Cause if I slow up, the
Rims will keep trimmin' the grass
I'm thinkin', car be hooverin'
That boy be thuggin' in
Probably could get Suge Knight for all his publishin'
*beep* "It's Def Jam and we heard all your tapes
We want to sign you. We can't wait"
Eeewww Message erased
I'm thinkin' a label wanna give a deal to Chamill and Mista Madd
They better have an unrecoupable mill

[Hook x3]
I'm thoed, thoed, thoed
Thinkin' thoed, thinkin' bout how ima get this dough
So we roll, roll, roll
Stack our fold even if we gotta step on toes
Then it grows, grows, grows
When it grows money doubles then we go get mo
I don't know, know, know
I don't know but they haven't been told
But I'm thinkin' thoed

Коридор, выложенный кафельными плитками, довольно круто спускался вниз, и Сьюзан держалась за перила, стараясь не отставать. Воздух в помещении становился все прохладнее. Чем глубже под землю уходил коридор, тем уже он становился. Откуда-то сзади до них долетело эхо чьих-то громких, решительных шагов. Обернувшись, они увидели быстро приближавшуюся к ним громадную черную фигуру.

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