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If you’re having trouble getting your kids to do homework, check out these cool study room ideas. Maybe all you need to kick-start your kid’s study habits is a change of scenery! A back-to-school homework space that’s quiet for focus, colorful for inspiration and organized to reduce distractions would make homework time a pleasure for most kids.

Regardless of the size of the space or room, you can create an awesome and affordable kids’ homework space. Best of all, Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen are running a month-long sale in July to help you create the coolest back-to-school homework spaces ever.

When planning a homework space, remember these five important elements:

1. Color:Wallpaper or paint a wall or the shelf openings in a bold and invigorating color.
2. Furniture: A small desk with storage or a coordinating file cabinet and a comfortable chair are essential.
3. Lighting: Make sure there’s plenty of ambient and task lighting.
4. Organization: Include lots of organization and storage options like shelves, cork board, pegboard, cubbies, baskets and containers to keep the space tidy and everything in its place.
5. Personalization: Add some items that are personal to your child’s style, like monogrammed items, a favorite color or personal wall art.

Here’s a roundup of the best homework desks and study room ideas:

Kids Built-In Wall Studies

Rustic Modern Study Room for Kids

Designated Study Room Ideas

Under-the-Bed Homework Desks and Study Spots

Tween and Teen Study Room Ideas

Mod Home Office, Lounge and Homework Area

Small Desk Ideas

Homework Desk With Pegboard for Organization Ideas

Long Work Surfaces for Homework and Studying

Organized Homework Area for Several Kids

A little creativity and some essential pieces can help you create an attractive, functional spot that both kids and adults would appreciate. The following are some suggested products from Pottery Barn Kids and PBTeen that can get you started creating this space for your kids:

Storage Bins and Baskets

Chandler Woven Collapsible Storage, $22-$35
The Emily & Meritt Petit Rose Canvas Bins, $20-$96
Cameron Bookcase Cubby & Market Bin Base Set, $369
Underbed Storage Canvas, $25-$65

Desks and Desk Chairs

Rowan Classic Corner Desk, $99-$899
Ivory Sherpa Glove Swivel Chair, $295
Colton Small Desk, $560
Printed Airgo Chair, $159-$185


Wooden Task Lamp, $79
Kennedy Task Lamp, $119
Cork and Glass Task Lamp, $69
Isabella Rose Taylor Rose Gold Task Lamp, $79

Wall Units & Bookshelves

Collect this idea

An awkward, under-the-stairs area is transformed into a study space with wall-mounted shelves, cork board and file cabinet desk bases. Image: Corynne Pless

Collect this idea

A small upstairs loft is converted into a crisp white study area and home office with some essential elements: desk chairs, shelves and cork boards. Image: IS Architecture

Collect this idea

Modern, multipurpose study room design featuring plenty of storage in a bookcase and three different work/sitting areas. Image: Refined LLC

Collect this idea

Contemporary design featuring a sleek, white desk and a mod color theme of aqua, white, grey and red. Image: Sarah Gunn

Collect this idea

A DIY homework spot for two using a bookcase as a divider and a small table that’s been cut in half and mounted on each side of the book case. Image: The CSI Project

Collect this idea

A garage wall was converted into a family study space featuring a long plank of wood and wall-mounted lines to hang documents and art. Image: 22 Interiors

Collect this idea

Convert an unused hall into an industrial chic study spot like this well-designed one featuring a rustic wood surface, aluminum stools, floating wall ledges and wire baskets. Image: Hannotte Interiors

Collect this idea

Float desks in the middle of a room that several kids can work from. Like this study room, add a wall bookcase, baskets and additional items to keep the room well-organized. Image: SF Organized Interiors

Triple Kid’s Homework Station Design

If this is your first time here, welcome! I’m Kristin, an interior designer who happily does E-Design for clients all over the country- usually in the comfort of my bed under the covers! I’m also wife to Ben (who owns a remodeling company-you can see how this is a useful skill for his designer wife!) and proud mama of three bear cubs. Which lead me to my latest project…

It is here! I can fiiiiiiianlly reveal the big project I have been working on for the last few weeks! It is Week #6 of the Calling it Home Challenge where I have taken our boring white hallway and transformed it into something useable. We removed dozens of dusty glass shelves, track lighting, and stained carpet, and turned it into a homework area with a triple desk for our three baby cakes. This project has been so much fun, and it has been chock full of DIY projects and simple but fun ideas. And now it is done! Wanna check it out with me? Come on, I’ll walk you through it! If you missed the first five weeks, get caught up on all of the behind-the-scences, tutorials, hints, and more HERE

P.S. If you want to take home one of these goodies for your own house, check out the bottom of this post where I have a link to (almost) all of the items you see!

Create  Homework Center or Kid’s Activity Table

I wanted to do a neutral space (which is hard for me because I adore color!) mostly because it is right off the front entry. I didn’t want the space to scream “I have kids so I need primary colors everywhere!”. I also wanted a farmhouse meets industrial vibe. But most importantly, something very practical, durable, and useful. From the beginning I loved the idea of a triple desk for our three kids, so I found this beauty at Ikea-I love the warm walnut top and sturdy, industrial legs. Then I paired it up with three Target chairs that also had an industrial vibe. We also swapped out our outdated track lights for this little gem of a ceiling light fixture. A small change made a big difference!

The biggest project for this space was the shiplap wall. Find out more about this project in Week #3 but we basically cut down 8′ pieces of MDF and nailed them to the wall for an inexpensive, easy farmhouse look. I painted it a soft white color, and that became the feature wall of the space. We also ripped out the old, stained white carpet (White carpet?! Kids? Um, right…) and replaced it with wideplank, handscraped hickory floors. What was that? You need to see the horrible, strange “Before” picture? Sure! Check it out HERE. I’ll wait for you…

Homework Station DIY Kid’s Decor Project Ideas

One of my favorite mini projects for this space was these Restoration Hardware Knock-Off Vintage Flashcards. For the tutorial of how to create them for FREE for yourself, check it out HERE. Since I was making them myself I decided to purposefully choose words that teach character like “honest/true”, “brave/valiant”, and “kind/gentle”. (Now isn’t that just a mom thing to do, include a life lesson for her kids?!). I ended up only framing one, so I will occassionally swap them out for my other words. And my kids were over-the-moon excited to see this crazy little gold bulldog tape dispensor! You gotta have fun when designing a kid’s space…

Early on I decided not to do drawers in the homework station for a couple of reasons. First of all, I wanted this space to be budget-friendly, so it helped cut down on costs to do a table-like desk. But also, we do have a mudroom where my kid’s keep their backpacks and school things. We also have a nearby “craft closet” for their supplies (believe me, that NEEDS to be behind closed doors, I may not open those doors if you come to my house to visit!). So this area didn’t need tons of storage. Instead I chose two industrial wire baskets for simple, accessible storage.

So because I have three kids, I have this strange thing with wanting sets of three when I design their spaces. Yes, I know they can share…but doing triple the fun is just, well-fun! So we installed these three sconces. They came in a bronze finish but were a great price, so I snatched them up and painted them black. I also painted some existing frames black and popped in a photo of each kiddo over their spot. No excuses for fighting over whose chair is whose!

You can catch a glimpse of it above, but I wanted to use some sort of rug to ground the space. I have had this crazy obsession with the swiss cross pattern lately (if you are one of my clients you might have seen it pop into your designs!), but I couldn’t find the perfect rug at the right price for my space. So I decided to make one myself. I have an entire DIY tutorial of how I created this rug for just $20. Check it out in Week #4.

I found some more industrial elements, like this fan and wire baskets. This striped pencil caddy will corral all of the loose pens, pencils, and crayons (depending on who is using the space!). I found all of them at my beloved Target.

My favorite find were these periodic table inspired monogram pillows. Anyone who knows me knows my absolute weakness for anything monogrammed. Guilty as charged. But as a former biochem major nerd, I was giddy to find these as an ode to all of those chemistry classes I took in college. I grabbed each kiddo’s intial. By the way, if you want to know where any of these items came from, check it all out in Week #2

In Week #4 I showed you how I made these no-sew DIY curtains from seersucker duvets. And because some kids don’t learn best at a desk, we added this beanbag chair (with a buddy, Mr. Bear to snuggle). It can be a mini reading spot or a place to take a break for awhile. My eye of course goes right to our ugly louvered doors-those are a “someday” project to swap out!

Homework Center + Kid’s Craft Table on a Budget

So here is the space again! It really is a fairly simple set-up but it works SO well for our family! We are an arts and crafts family and we constantly had half-finished projects on the dining room table that I would always get in trouble for moving. Now we have an out of the way place to let them work on their masterpieces. Plus for my oldest two who are in school, this is a great homework station. It is far away from the main house areas to give them some quiet, but close enough that I can stop by and help them. Common Core Math anyone else?! And our beloved Jasper wanted to be part of the photoshoot, affectionately known as The Beast in our house.

And finally…time to try it out! I think it’s a success. Don’t let this cutie pie fool you though, she’s the one who is going to use that red marker on the walls one day. And that’s why we buy washable markers people.

 For all of my clients I always create a Mood Board and Perspective, so I wanted to practice what I preach! I made a few changes along the last six weeks but here was the vision:

And the final space:

Grab the Homework Station Design Sources Here

I have the entire Mood Board + Shopping List for my entire Kid’s Homework Station hanging out in my Free Resource Library. If you are already a member you can find it all right HERE (just use your password)

Not a member yet? No problem!  If you want to check out my Homework Station sources AND see even more Design Freebies such as Mood Boards, Shopping Lists, and Guides, then you are in luck! I have all the freebies in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARYfor just about every room of your house. You can get free 24/7 access to it all right here:

When you sign up you also get an exclusive $50 off any Postbox Designs project (this is the only place you will find that!) if you want to work with me on any project in your home:

Thank-you for everyone who joined me on this journey, I hope I gave you some ideas for your own space! Ours is in a hallway, but maybe you can fit a homework area into the corner of a bedroom, in a rarely used closet, or a space in the kitchen. A huge thank-you to Linda from Calling It Home who is the miracle worker and hosts this Challenge twice a year. Check out all of the other projects on her blog and get ready to be inspired!

Thanks for signing up! You will receive your $50 discount and link to the Free Resource Library via email shortly! Cheers, Kristin

Creating a beautiful space can be daunting and overwhelming...and I want to help.

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