Lowell Middle School Homework Page

Notice: This page will no longer be used after October 2, 2017.  

​You will need to use the Staff Directory / Teacher Websites page of our new site to find new teacher sites. Teacher pages will be listed by subject.  



At the top of this page you will find tabs to each of the grades.  On these pages you will find daily work done in each of the classrooms.  Remember that not all information will be available to access at home.  Please help your student to complete as much as possible when away from school.  Remind them to check with teacher when they return for possible worksheets or additional information.

Note: Each link will open in a new tab or window.

PARENTS: This document will help you (and your student) remember the username and password structures used on student sites.  Student Account Information for Parents

Students - use www.lowelleducation.com to access your Google Account. Remember password has "las" on the end.

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