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Sports competition is supposed to be the fairest competition, because sportsmen have equal chances for victory. Unfortunately, sports and drugs are interconnected nowadays. Sportsmen decide to take various drugs in order to improve their dexterity, endurance and strength. When a sportsman is under the effect of drugs, he is able to win a competition easier. Drugs make his muscles work well and he can run faster and longer. Naturally, every sportsman starts his career at school. School competitions can be called the first experience of every novice sportsman. Young people are able to demonstrate their talents and skills and think about sports seriously. Obviously, all sportsmen are equal. Consequently, every sportsman should have to take drug tests. Does this issue touch upon school athletes? This question is very controversial and has its pros and cons.

Many people say that students should not have to take drug tests, because it violates their rights. Moreover, people do not think that students can take drugs to win a competition. They believe that young people are too innocent and fair to behave in this way. From the psychological point of view, it is not reasonable to ask students to take drug tests. In addition, their parents can protest against this procedure. When a student is asked to take a drug test, it can influence his character. A talented young sportsman can lose his confidence, because judges do not believe in his professionalism. Of course, these arguments are weak, but they have the right for existence. Naturally, this procedure is unpleasant and delicate. When a sportsman is asked to take a drug test, he understands that his talents and professional skills are questioned.

In my opinion, school athletes have to take drug tests, because they should get used to the rules of professional sports. If they want to connect their life with sports, they should learn to face its unpleasant sides. Every sportsman should take drug tests if he wants everyone to believe in his honesty. It is a natural procedure and one should not be afraid of it. Doubtless, important competitions are connected with money. Consequently, every sportsman will do his best to win this money. Many sportsmen will agree to take drugs for their own advantage. If we want to have fair sports competitions, we should make sportsmen take drug tests. Young students should take these tests too.

It is a mistake to think that young people do not take drugs for personal advantage. I should say that they are inexperienced and they do not understand what they are doing. Very often, students take drugs but they do not think about consequences. They believe that they live here and now and they do not think about fairness. Moreover, they do not know about the negative impact of drugs on their health. Therefore, if we want to teach young people to behave in the proper way, we should be strict. When a school athlete fails this test, it is still possible to help him build his successful career. If a young sportsman realizes that he should compete fairly, he will not make such mistakes in future. In this case, we should punish young athletes to train their character and will.

Students should take drug tests, because people require fair sports competitions. If we want to bring up fair and talented athletes, we should treat them seriously. They should train appropriately in order to be able to win various competitions without drugs. Finally, they should be ready to take drug tests then their victory is questioned.

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Mandatory Drug Testing For High School Athletes

“A medical dictionary defines a drug as ‘any substance that when taken into the living organism may modify one or more of its functions’” (Newton 12). However, when speaking of drug testing for abuse a person is usually thinking about illegal drugs or drugs that can alter athletic performance in sporting events. Mandatory drug testing was not allowed in public schools until June 2002 when the Supreme Court allowed for public schools to do random drug testing (Carroll 23). This decision allowed for drug testing in all schools throughout the United States not just for athletes but also students who are in any activities within the school, for example clubs and competitive events (Carroll 23). Even though drug testing is now allowed by the Supreme Court many schools do not yet have mandatory drug test policies. Mandatory drug testing for high school athletes should be required because it decreases drug use in schools, is relatively inexpensive, and can prevent drug use and or abuse that can lead to a lifelong addiction.
An example of an issue with mandatory drug testing was the Vernonia School Dist. 47J v. Acton case. In this case the Vernonia School District, which is located in Oregon, requires any student who wants to participate in activities such as athletics, for example football or basketball, to sign consent forms to allow for random drug testing throughout the particular sports season. One testing is at the beginning of the season and during the season every week the students are placed into a “pool” and 10% of the athletes are chosen for random drug testing. What happened in this case was a student by the name of James Acton wanted to play football for his school but in this school district the student and the parents have to sign a consent form. This family felt that mandatory drug testing and signing the consent form was not allowing them to exercise their right to the 4th and 14th amendments. This does not prevent them from exercising their right to the 4th and 14th amendments which refer to freedom from search and seizures. The Supreme Court has allowed for drug testing in all schools throughout the U.S. So in this school district they have just put in place an effective and easy way to prevent drugs within their school system, by putting in place mandatory drug testing for all students who want to participate in school activities (Scalia).
Over the past couple of years drugs have grown within the younger generations. Nearly one in five teens have taken prescription medications to get “high,” according to a recent study by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (Carroll 23). Most schools that put mandatory drug testing in place are schools that had, and still have, drug problems within their schools (Yamaguchi). These are few examples of mandatory drug testing in high schools athletics and why it is needed across the country.
Mandatory drug testing for high school athletes should be required because it decreases...

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