Lloyds Banking Group Interview Case Study

When it comes to graduate programmes, most employers will ask you to visit an assessment centre before offering you a role. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

All assessment centres are different – for instance, at Lloyds Banking Group, they do interviews, group exercises and some exciting virtual reality (VR) challenges. Other organisations do individual presentations. Employers will send some information beforehand so you know what to expect. But, to keep you one step ahead, below are some of the things that are likely to be on the agenda as part of an assessment centre:

1. Introductions

Everyone in the room will introduce themselves, and the assessors or those on the current graduate programme will talk a little bit about their business. There might be an ice-breaker exercise too, to help everyone get comfortable.

2. Group Exercise

Often, the assessor will ask you to read a case study – perhaps a scenario of something that could happen in their business. You’ll need to discuss it with your group and recommend what the people in the scenario should do. You might also do a practical exercise.

In either case, the assessor isn’t actually too concerned about you getting to the ‘right’ outcome. They just want to find out how you think and how you work with others.

3. Presentation

The assessor may ask you to present on a certain topic. You might need to prepare something in advance or choose a topic on the day. And they might leave the format up to you – do you want to use a PowerPoint presentation or flip chart, or will you just talk? And if it turns out that no projector or flipchart is available on the day, how will you adapt? The key thing is that the assessor wants to know how you structure and present information, and how you act under pressure. Be prepared for questions from your assessor at the end of your presentation.

4. Interview

This is your chance to meet the assessor away from the other candidates. You’ll be able to talk about your motivations and your strengths, and ask any questions. You might also do some tests, exploring things like verbal or numerical reasoning. You might also do some ‘real work’ exercises, using things like phone messages or reports, to see how you prioritise tasks and manage your time.

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Lloyds Bank Job Interview Help – Tips for Interview Preparation

Entry-level applicants and managerial candidates alike encounter multiple interviews when applying for jobs at Lloyds Bank. The Lloyds Bank interview process begins with a telephone interview usually scheduled by email within two or three weeks of submitting the required hiring forms online. Typically lasting between 15 and 30 minutes, the initial phone screening serves as a general introductory conversation in which job seekers discuss professional motives for work at Lloyds Bank and the relevance of personal employment histories in relation to the position for hire. The preliminary interview also includes questions about common workplace situations, such as dealing with a difficult customer or working with other employees to achieve a goal. Applicants should answer such questions comprehensively by preparing specific examples from previous jobs ahead of time and providing detailed accounts of the situations, the actions taken, and the eventual results. Selected candidates usually meet directly with Lloyds Bank hiring managers within one to three weeks of successfully completing the telephone interview.

Lloyds Bank conducts onsite job interviews at designated assessment centres throughout the United Kingdom. Job seekers typically encounter group interview sessions or other types of evaluations in addition to traditional one-on-one interviews. Lloyds Bank group interviews primarily assess how well prospective associates work with other potential employees and perform the job duties specific to the desired position. Applicants pursuing entry-level customer service jobs at Lloyds Bank must usually demonstrate the ability to sell financial services during group interview sessions, while more advanced career opportunities often require interviewees to complete various ability tests, case studies, or personality questionnaires at designated assessment centres. During the group interview, Lloyds Bank hiring managers meet with each candidate individually and ask additional competency-based questions about previous work experiences. Job seekers typically spend up to four or five hours completing the entire interview process at Lloyds Bank assessment centres. The prominent British bank generally sends offers of employment within four weeks of the final job interview.

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