Things To Do In Bariloche On A Rainy Day Essay

City Logistics – Getting Around Bariloche

As a major tourism hub, the city of Bariloche is easily accessible from other cities in Argentina and the neighboring country of Chile. Depending on your budget, time, and sense of adventure, you can go into the city by plane, by car, by bus, by train, or by bus.

The San Carlos de Bariloche International Airport receives flights from Buenos Aires, El Calafate, Mar del Plata, Mendoza, and Cordoba daily so going into the city by plane is your best alternative, especially if you book your tickets in advance to get them for cheaper. From there, you can grab a taxi or catch a public bus to take you into the city.

From Buenos Aires, it takes from 17 to 22 hours to drive to Bariloche. If you’re driving with other adults, you can take turns driving and easily get there before lunch the next day. Otherwise, you can drive less than 15 hours to the city of Neuguen, stay there for the night, and then continue on to Bariloche the next day.

Buses to Bariloche takes about 19-22 hours from Buenos Aires and about 6-8 hours from Chile. There are several bus companies that provide this service, including Via Bariloche and El Crucero del Norte. These companies have different bus types with different seating options (Super cama, cama, and semi-cama), serve meals and drinks to their passengers, and takes you all the way to the city’s Terminal de Omnibus.

There is only one train, operated by the Tren Patagonico company, coming into Bariloche every week and it’s from Viedma, a city that’s all the way on the opposite side of the region. This train leaves Viedma every Friday at 1800 and offers bunk beds for $45 each or a reclining seat for $23 each, one way.

If you’re coming in from Chile, you’d probably want to seriously consider taking the $230 Cruce Andino boat-and-bus trip from the Chilean Lake District. This trip takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, includes lunch, and takes its passengers through the most scenic trip of their lives.

Getting around the city is also quite easy. Once you’re in the city center, it’s best to go around on foot to explore the shops and buildings there. Outside the city center is another story. If you want to see the city’s main attractions, which include the beaches, ski areas, and lakes of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, you’re going to have to take public transportation, going on bus tours, or rent a car. In fact, while the city’s bus system is reliable and cheap, most visitors in Baraloche rent cars – it’s faster and more efficient. The airport has kiosks for the biggest and most trusted car rental agencies – Budget, Dollar, Avis, and Hertz. Additionally, there are travel agency offices in the city center to help you with your transportation needs.

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