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FBL - Frank Belknap Long

In my room at night I have talked with the Doels. And in dreams I have seen their maker. I have stood on the dim shore beyond time and matter and seen it. It moves through strange curves and outrageous angles. Someday I shall travel in time and meet it face to face.
-From "The Hounds of Tindalos"

FBL Awakening - Frank Belknap Long, Dark Awakening, in New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1980.

Narrator: Nameless. References: Cthulhu; Deep Ones; Goat with a Thousand Young; Rathbourne, Helen; Rathbourne, John; Rathbourne, Susan; R'lyeh; Shub-Niggurath; Yog-Sothoth.

FBL Chaugnar - Frank Belknap Long, When Chaugnar Wakes, in In Mayan Splendor.

References: Chaugnar Faugn;

FBL Dee - Frank Belknap Long, John Dee's Necronomicon: A Fragment, in The Necronomicon: Selected Stories and Essays Concerning the Blasphemous Tome of the Mad Arab, ed. Robert M. Price. Oakland: Chaosium, Inc., 1996. 

Narrator: Abdul Alhazred. References: Dee, (Dr.) John; Necronomicon;

FBL Eaters - Frank Belknap Long, The Space Eaters, in Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, H. P. Lovecraft & Divers Hands, Sauk City: Arkham House, 1990. 

Narrator: Frank. References: Brewster; Brooklyn Heights; cross, sign of the; curves and curved time; Dee, (Dr.) John; Defilers, The; Frank (1); Hortense; House of the Worm, The; Howard; Manhattan; Master of the light; Mulligan Light; Mulligan's Beach; Mulligan Wood; Narrows; Necronomicon; Partridgeville; Partridgeville Gazette; Smith, Dr; space eaters; Wells, Henry;

FBL Gateway - Frank Belknap Long, Gateway to Forever, in Crypt of Cthulhu No. 25, Michaelmas 1984.

References: Brown University; Chalmers, Halpin; China; Chou dynasty; England; Frank (1); Granville, Thomas; Hounds of Tindalos; Lao-Tse, Lao Tze; Manhattan; reincarnation; Tao, Taoism;

FBL Hills - Frank Belknap Long, The Horror from the Hills, in Night Fear, Zebra Books, 1979.

References: Accius; Antipater; Asellius, Sextus; Balbutius, Cnaeus; Calagurris; Cato, M. Porcius; Chalmers, Halpin; Chaugnar Faugn; Chaugnar Faugn's brothers; Chaugnar Faugn's toad-men; Chung Ga; Cinney; Cuvier; De Re Rustica; Evolution; Fen Chow Fu; Glimpses Into Prehistory; Harris, Algernon; Harrison; Henly; Hogarth, Francis; Holmes; Hsieh Ho; Imbert, Henry C; Libo, Publius Seribonius; Little, Roger; Lucifer; Manhattan Museum of Fine Arts; McWilliams; Mela, Tib. Annaeus; Miri Nigri; Mu Sang; Paton, Noel, Dr; Pollio, Q. Trebellius; Pompelo (Pompelona); Pyrenees; Richardson; Rufus, L. Caelius; Schafer, Dr; Scollard, George Francis; Siddartha, Gautama; Smithstone; Steelbrath; Symons; Talman; Thompson; Tsang, desert plateau of; Ulman, Clark; Vibulanus, P; Weigal, Henry; Wells; White Acolyte; Williams, Jim;

FBL Hounds - Frank Belknap Long, The Hounds of Tindalos, in Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, H. P. Lovecraft & Divers Hands, Sauk City: Arkham House, 1990.

Narrator: Frank. References: Angell Hill; angles, and angular time; Atlantis; Bibliographic Guild; Brooklyn; Central Square; Chalmers, Halpin; China; cosmology; curves and curved time; de Bessy, Frenicle; Dee, (Dr.) John; deed before time; Doels; Doels, maker of; Douglas, Detective Sergeant; Einstein; Fall, myth of; First Baptist Church; Frank (1); geometry, non-Euclidean or mystical; Greece, Greeks or Greecians; Hancock, L. E.; Hounds of Tindalos; Lao-Tse, Lao Tze; Lemuria; Liao; Morton, James; Moscopulus, Emanuel; myth-pattern; Partridgeville Chemical Laboratories; Partridgeville Gazette; Partridgeville Glue Works; Partridgeville Reserve; Plotinus; satyrs; scarlet circles; Secret Watcher, The; Smithwich and Isaacs; Tao, Taoism; Theosophy; Wren, Christopher;

FBL Kinarth - Frank Belknap Long, On Icy Kinarth, in In Mayan Splendor. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1977.

References: Isles of Spice; Kinarth;

Frank Belknap Long, the author of "The Hounds of Tindalos," "The Horror From the Hills" and other works of fantasy, the supernatural and science fiction, died on Sunday at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan. He was 90 and lived in Manhattan.

Mr. Long was born in New York City and attended New York University. As an adolescent he published a story, "The Eye Above the Mantel," that caught the attention of the writer H. P. Lovecraft, who wrote to Mr. Long in praise of the story, thus beginning a lifelong friendship. Lovecraft helped Mr. Long place his early stories in the magazine Weird Tales, which published many of Mr. Long's tales over the years, including "The Ocean Leech," "The Dog-Eared God," "The Hounds of Tindalos," "A Visitor From Egypt" and "The Horror From the Hills." Work in Science Fiction

In the late 30's, Mr. Long turned his hand to science fiction, writing for Astounding Science Fiction. He also contributed horror stories to Unknown (later retitled Unknown Worlds).

His science fiction works include the story collection "John Carstairs, Space Detective" (1949) and the novels "Mars Is My Destination" (1962) and "It Was the Day of the Robot" (1963). The serial novella "The Horror From the Hills" (1963), one of his best-known works, was based on a dream related to him by Lovecraft.

In the 50's and 60's Mr. Long was an editor at Satellite Science Fiction, Short Stories and Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine.

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