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Welcome to Round Rock ISD! Whether your child is transferring to Round Rock ISD from another school district, changing schools within the District, or starting school for the first time, the information in this section can help you make the transition a smooth one.

School Assignments and Registration Information

If your child is new to Round Rock ISD, register your child at your assigned campus. If you are not sure which school your child should attend, call (512) 464-5087 or look up your address online to locate your school. Call the individual campus to set up an appointment or to check hours for registration. Registration information

Class Schedules and Teacher Assignments

Each school has its own method for notifying students of class schedules and teacher assignments. There are generally times and dates scheduled for students and parents to go to the campus to receive information and meet teachers before classes start and for open house nights after school begins. Information is generally available on campus websites. Link to School Websites

Immunization Information

Students must be up-to-date on all required immunizations before starting school and proof will be required at the time of enrollment. Free and reduced cost immunizations are available through a variety of local agencies. Parents or guardians must bring their children’s immunization records. For more information, call Round Rock ISD Health Services at (512) 464-5127. Immunization Information

Bus Service

Round Rock ISD provides free bus service for students who live more than two miles from their assigned school and for students who live within two miles but along a route defined as “hazardous” to walkers or bike riders. Use the School & Bus Route Locator to find bus routes. Simply type in your home address to see the closest stops, pick-up and delivery times, and bus numbers. Transportation information will also be posted at the campuses the week before school begins.

Academic Calendar

The official Round Rock ISD academic calendar is available online in both web-based and paper versions. School Year Calendar

School Supplies

Each teacher or school has individual supply requests so it’s best to get the list directly from the campus. Many campuses have posted their lists on their school home web pages. Pre-packaged school supplies are often available from the campus PTA. Supply lists are also available at many local retailers. Link to School Websites

Breakfast and Lunch

High school seniors are allowed to leave school for lunch, but all other students must remain on campus. Middle and high school students have a variety of food choices.

Meals may be purchased with cash or a check at the cafeteria. Parents can also use MySchoolBucks to pre-pay online or over the phone with a credit card or electronic check. Students simply key in their identification number and the amount of purchase is automatically deducted from the pre-paid balance. Learn more about our Food Services

Students receiving free or reduced price lunches must submit an application every year. Applications will be sent home with each student on the first day of school. Additional copies are available in the cafeterias throughout the school year. Students receiving free/reduced lunches last school year will continue to receive benefits for 30 days. If an application is not submitted and processed by that time, the student status will automatically be changed to paid. Please allow up to two weeks for application processing. During that time new applicants will continue to be paid students until processing is complete. Learn more about Free and Reduced Meals

What’s a SnapCode?
The SnapCode is like a key to your child’s registration for the upcoming school year. You should receive a unique SnapCode or SnapCode link for each child. Round Rock ISD will e-mail these to every parent starting in August.

Watch one minute video tutorial:

Instructional video in English    Instructional video in Spanish

What if I haven’t received my SnapCode?
Check SPAM mail or check to see if the e-mail is stacked with another e-mail.

What if I received one SnapCode for one of my child but not the other?
Check to see if the e-mail is stacked with your other student’s e-mail.

What if I have more than one student in the district? Do I need to do this for each child?
Yes, because you’ll need to provide information that is specific for each child. We recommend that you submit one enrollment and then start another. This will allow you to “snap over” shared family information, which will save you time.

Should I create an account?
If you’ve never completed an online registration with InfoSnap, you should create an InfoSnap Account. This allows you to securely save your work and come back at a later time if necessary. You can use your email address or cell phone number. If you already have an account, you can sign in and complete the form. You should use the same account to complete forms for multiple children.

Do I have to answer all the questions?
Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

What if I make a mistake?
If you would like to make a change, click on the underlined field or click “< Prev” to return to a previous page.

I’ve completed the form, now what?
When you have finished entering your information, click “Submit.” This will send all of the information you’ve entered to the school. If you cannot click on this button, you will need to make sure that you have answered all required questions.

Help! I’m having technical difficulties.
For technical support, visit or click “Contact Us” from any InfoSnap page.

When can new students register for the next school year?
New student registration opens in July. Parents/guardians need to follow the new student registration directions to submit required student online forms. Parents must come to the campus to validate address, immunization records, etc.

When can returning students complete required annual forms?
Usually in August, prior to the start of the new school year the District opens returning student online forms. At that time students, parents or guardians can log in to InfoSnap to review existing data, make necessary updates, and submit required annual information. If vital record changes are made — address, student name, date of birth, immunization records — parents must go to the campus to validate.

How do I get the First Day Packet forms?
There are no longer paper registration packets provided on the first day. Parents and guardians are asked to complete the Required Forms for Returning Student online. If parents/guardians do not complete the Required Forms for Returning Students online, your campus Registrar will provide your student forms to take home.

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