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The overall growth of an industry as well as an economy depends on the performance of the operating firms, whether large scale or small scale enterprises. Small and medium enterprises account for more than 60 percent jobs in most developed economies and more or less 95% companies in most of the industries fall in the category of small and medium enterprises (Analoui and Karami, 2009). Small enterprises face lot of contemporary issues relating to management of internal organisational functions, meeting client requirements and business  benchmarks. Such enterprises also face marketing issues such as brand promotion, attracting more customers, penetrating newer markets etc .It is also necessary that small organisations implement effective strategies in place to analyse and measure their internal processes and human resource capabilities. This assignment intends to highlight the issues faced by small enterprises in relation to  performance management as compared to similar other competitors. The company chosen for this purpose is Loganair Ltd, a small sized airlines firm based in Scotland, UK. It is a small company compared to other players in the aviation industry. Being a small scale firm, it does not have adequate resource capabilities and faces challenges in terms of maintaining a sustainable performance.

Task 1 (LO1)

Comparison with similar organizations using KPIs

Loganair Ltd. Is small domestic airline in Scotland, UK with a fleet size of 26. It is headquartered in Glasgow International Airport. It is one of the regional and smaller airlines in UK which operates majority of low cost flights ( 2014). Loganair Ltd, saw an increase in in turnover by 20% to £87million in March 2013 and its profit before tax rose  by 24% to £4.3 million. The passenger volume increased by 12% to 592,000 (BBC News. 2014). Comparison with similar sized company in airline industry in UK is very difficult as each of them has its own speciality. Every company has different fleet size, different routes of operations, different vision strategies. Considering all the facts, Loganair Ltd has been compared with Flybe, another low-cost domestic airline in UK with much bigger fleet size and greater number of destinations.

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