Air Accidents Essay

An Air Crash

An air crash is so terrible a thing that it leaves behind nothing but wreckage. What is left of human bodies is nothing but charcoal and cinder. Travelling by air is, no doubt, easy and swift but it leads to disastrous consequences in the case of a crash. Everything finishes off in the air. The death toll is heavier when the number of passengers on board the plane is big. The death of a pilot or a wing commander on a routine fight is touching indeed but our heart comes into out mouth when we hear of an air crash which leaves behind hundreds of dead bodies, all mutilated and unidentified. A French airliner that crashed over Golar Hills a few weeks ago ripped open the hearts of those who read the news in the papers. The plane was carrying on board as many as 360 passengers. It took off all right at De Faus airport and flew at a height of 6,000 feet above the sea-level. Everything went right and the crew signaled no complaint in the engine. As the plane came over the Golar Hills, it developed some snag in the engine and lost contact with the radar. In no time the plane carrying on board 360 passengers crashed on the slopes of Mt. Alpha. All the passengers travelling by the ill-fated plane were killed. Massive operations were launched to trace the dead bodies and the wreckage. More than half of the dead bodies remained undiscovered. Later, the black box revealed that the plane broke into two in the air because of an explosion. Such accidents must be avoided at all costs.

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Airplane Crashes Essay

Airplane Crashes

There are many airplane accidents a year. On an average, 70 –80% are human error. Though there are many other factors, such as design factors, management, and weather factors, human error is the largest. Each one of these factors played a certain role in the three articles of accidents. The BOAC Comet, the PSA crashes in San Diego, and the Air Florida crash in Washington D.C., were analyzed differently, taking into consideration each possible factor. Within the follow, each accident will be discussed.

The cause in every accident of the BOAC Comet was a design factor. The pressurization limitations were determined wrongly. In the mid air collision in San Diego, the cause was human error of the Cessna pilot for changing headings, the Boeing for not being sure of having the right traffic insight, and the tower for not warning the aircrafts they were very close together when his warning went off. Finally, the Air Florida crash, investigators took into consideration the factors of the weather, engine performance, and pilot error.

Principle Mishaps / Human Factors
The Comet DH-106 was the first jetliner to carry passengers. The person to give credit for this accomplishment would be de Havilland. The DH-106 carried thirty-six passengers, had a pressurized cabin, a ceiling of 40,000ft, and traveled 500mph. According to the investigation of the BOAC Comet, the reason the comets were exploding, was because of the pressurization within the cabin. There was no real sufficient information prior to the flights that indicated there was a problem. At first, the pilots of the comet does not know that in roll out, they need to use a lesser angle of attack and keep the nose on the ground longer. Many pilots flying the Comet had little to no experience flying this aircraft. There was a singular error in the engineering of the aircraft. The structure of the aircraft was said to with stand a certain amount of pressure. Today, the skin of an airplane is much thicker. Also, the windows are a lot smaller. In actuality, the plane could not with hold this amount of pressure and stress.
In the PSA crash in San Diego, information was sufficient to both pilots prior to mid air collision. Both aircrews were aware of one another. The 727 aircrew assumed they had the right traffic insight to avoid collision. The Cessna made the mistake of altering his designated heading from tower. Air Traffic Control (ATC) made the mistake of not notify either of the aircrews of collision when the warning went off in the tower. If the Cessna had informed tower of their heading change, this...

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