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Essay on What is Critical Thinking?

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What is Critical Thinking? Is the process of conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and /or evaluating information gathered by observation, experience, reflection, reasoning or communication, as a guide to belief and action (Scriven & Paul, n.d.). When one applies critical thinking more ideas are develop, fewer mistakes are made and better decisions are reached. When people instead of using critical thinking act on beliefs or without giving it a second thought, the end results are poor decisions and as a result have a disaster at hand. People don’t always use critical thinking, it is not uncommon to hear someone say such remarks after making the wrong decisions; “I just was not thinking”, “I did not think it was a big deal”,…show more content…

Many times our students have unexpected behaviors, such as refuse to follow directions, have disrupt outburst, hostile, emotional problems, and even become physical towards others or themselves. Special education students do not respond to traditional discipline methods. With children having disabilities like ADHD, or mental health problems if not handled appropriately it the bad behavior could escalate and become difficult to stop. What role does critical thinking have in my analytical and intuitive decision making while I am work? It is a tool used to help solve problems, if my thinking is flawed then decisions are skewed and the problem is not solved, making poor decisions could create more problems could result in putting myself or others in danger. Using critical thinking increases the probability of solving the problem through better choices and decisions.
Every day as an instructional aide I use my critical thinking skills when deciding whether an impending conflict will escalate to violent behavior, deciding on how to approach a student Everyday many employees of organizations use their critical thinking skills in countless decisions, critical thinking skills are not the only skills used by employees, but they are the most important. As an employee I use my critical thinking skills when applying to the policies and procedures of my organization, making determinations, making predictions and problem solving more so on-the spot decision making, and

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Critical Thinking Application Essay example

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Critical Thinking Application

Teaching higher order thinking skills is not a recent need. It is apparent that students, at all levels of education, are lagging in problem-solving and thinking skills. Fragmentation of thinking skills, however, may be the result of critical thinking courses and texts. Every course, especially in content subjects, students should be taught to think logically, analyze and compare, question and evaluate.
Implications for Teaching Thinking must be practiced in each content field at each educational level. For the teacher, this means hard work. To teach students to memorize facts and then assess them with multiple-choice tests is a much easier choice to make. In a course that emphasizes thinking,…show more content…

The criteria for critical thinking are:
1. Distinguish between fact and opinion.
2. Examine the assumptions, including ones own.
3. Be flexible and when looking for explanations, causes, and solutions to problems.
4. Be aware of erroneous arguments, vagueness, and controlling reasoning.
5. Stay focused on the whole picture, while examining the specifics.
6. Look for reputable sources.

The instructional design parameters for self-paced instruction included these factors:
1. Instructional objectives stated initially to the learner.
2. The learner selects his or her own path of inquiry.
3. Small steps, with the necessary tools introduced only as they are needed.
4. Frequent student interaction, requiring high level cognitive involvement.
5. Alternative paths available for variable levels of involvement or usefulness.

In research, there is no right or wrong process; although there are many heuristics that can be passed on. Appropriate use of information requires that we see knowledge acquirement as fluid and varying. (Jones, 1996)
Critical Reading Teaching students to think while reading--critical reading--should be central to any discussion of thinking skills. This is in part because the reading of textbooks has such an important role in the content fields. Critical reading is defined as learning to assess, draw inferences and arrive at conclusions based on the evidence.

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