Your Career Choice Essay

Career Choice Essay

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in a persons' life. Every person needs to consider a number of things when deciding upon a particular career path. One cannot simply waltz into any career and expect it to be adequate. Research needs to be conducted and deep thought needs to have taken place. One should also seek advice from experienced persons as to HOW to pick a certain career path as oppose to WHAT career path to take. The career path a person chooses to take needs to be that persons' OWN decision.

There are a number of things people need to take into consideration before making this all-important decision. One of these factors is satisfaction or, namely, happiness. It is impossible to go through life with a job you absolutely despise. Since the average person spends about 120 000 hours at work in their lifetime, enjoying your job just makes life much easier. If you do not enjoy your job a number of things will go wrong with your life. Your stress levels will rise and this can lead to medical problems and problems at home. You will have wild mood swings because you are not happy with your life and, at the end of this long road, when one retires, you will look back on your life and see that you have a lot of regrets. So, it is in ones' best interests to find a job that he/she enjoys.

Another important factor to think about is money. I realize that money isn't important to everybody but there are...

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When we start thinking about our future profession and career choice, we think about several factors. The most important things are job description, required skills and education, salary, career outlook. But there are many other meaningful factors that can influence someone’s career choice. In this article, we discuss some of these factors. It’s important to take them into account when you have to make a decision about your future work. You need to make the right choice, weigh the pros and cons and it will help you to find your perfect career.

Main Influencing Factors

There so many factors which influence the future career choice and have the effect on different levels. Let’s talk about the most important factors.

Different life roles

Every person plays different roles in his or her life. He is a worker at work, a parent, husband or wife at home. And every person thinks about himself in these different roles and decides which role will be the most important for him. And this decision may influence the career choice and the way the person looks at his work.  

Personality and interests

We are all different. We have different tastes, preferences, and tempers. And someone’s success at the particular job position depends on these things. There is a special theory which is called Holland Occupational Themes which can answer how the personality of the work =seeker influence on his choice, his work ambitions and abilities.

Previous work experience  

If someone has a positive role model in a particular career or positive work experience it will definitely influence the future work choice.  The research has shown that a person prefers to continue the work in which he was more successful rather than start doing something new. In fact, it is a great idea to focus on the work with proven success as well as with positive self-esteem for most of us.

Cultural background

The cultural background of the person as well as his regional area and ethnic group can influence the future work choice. Besides family of the job seeker and local community also can become the factors which can determine someone’s future career. Person’s expectations and life values are always shaped according to the cultural issues, and they have connections with different parts of our lives. Understanding of the nature of our expectations and values can help us to understand our personality and make a right career choice.  

Economic and social conditions of life

Our life benchmarks and career choices always lie in the context of the economic and social issues. And it is natural. Sometimes we can’t choose the society in which we have to live, but we can choose the way of life. Different situations and conditions which take place in our economic and social lives give us a definite choice and have a certain effect on it. And we have to take into account this factor.

The financial aspect

For many of us, money which we can earn is the most important factor which influences on the future career choice. This is not surprising. We have to pay for everything that we have in our lives. But everyone has different needs and ways of life that’s why think twice when considering the job which will not allow living as you like and make a correct and reasonable choice.

Find Your Best Career

Along with pragmatic factors, there are issues which can influence someone’s future work choice. And they lie in the non-material plane. It’s important to choose the career which will bring pleasure. Find your career passion and the work will always be a joy. You have to choose something passionately for you. Find out what can inspire you and follow your inspiration. Answer the simple question “do you really want this career?”. If you are confused with your choice, just take some break and clarify your thoughts.

You can make your hobby your work

You have to make a decision what purposes do you have right now. And what do you want to get from your work? What are the reasons in favor of some particular career? Do you want to earn money or you want to develop your talents? It’s great if you have an opportunity to choose the career which is related to your hobby or interests.

Usually, if you pick the work according to your interests, salary is not the most important motivation for you. But there are examples when someone’s hobby turned into a fortune. For example, if you like to write essays, some day you can become a professional writer. You never know what awaits you so do not give up its interests.

So choosing the future career is perhaps the most important decision in our lives. That’s why we have to think well and weigh all the pros and cons. We have to take into account such important factors as:

  • Education;
  • Financial aspects;
  • Work experience;
  • Our personality and interests;
  • Economic and social conditions of life.

Only a well-considered and balanced decision can make our lives better. And if you have already chosen your future career and want to apply you can get professional help with your CV and cover letter.

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