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When applying to an airline, you need to ensure your application contains a well written, highly specific Covering Letter that addresses the airline’s ethos and operation, matching them with your skills and attributes.

Whilst we offer a full Professional Pilot Cover Letter tailoring service, we appreicate this isn’t within everyones budget. Therefore we have put together a set of example cover letters for specific airlines which you can download and edit yourself. These Pilot Covering Letters have been specifically designed for Low Hour Cadet First Officers who are seeking their first flying job.

Each Pilot Cover Letter (other than the generic one) considers the airline’s type of operation, fleet, ethos and history. This attention to detail demonstrates a few highly desirable attributes to a prospective employer:

  • You are highly motivated
  • You understand the airline’s operation
  • You have spent time researching the job you are applying to
  • You are prepared to invest time and energy into a high quality application

Why would an airline invite someone to an interview who has put together a ‘Generic Pilot Cover Letter’, which clearly hasn’t been specially tailored to that airline, when someone else has? Who would you give the job to. Airline’s value a well thought out and detailed application.

“An investment in a high quality Pilot Cover Letter is an investment in your future”

Whilst the CV details your education, employment and flying qualifications, the cover letter should be used to address why you are motivated to work for that specific airline, what skills and attributes you can bring to the role and how you see your career developing within the airline. You’ve invested a huge amount of money in getting to the position of being able to apply for an airline, why not invest a little more to help secure your dream job.

We would strongly recommend you do not use a generic cover letter (or template that you can download for free) for all the airlines you apply to. To make your application stand out, you need to tailor the cover letter specifically for that airline. This shows a genuine and personal approach that will distinguish your application from those who use a generic letter. Different types of airlines offer differing types of flying, services and lifestyles, therefore requiring varying skills and attributes. This needs to be acknowledged and used to the applicants advantage in the cover letter. For example, the customer service emphasis of a low cost airline will be different to that of a private jet operator.

We offer professional cover letter tailoring, specific to individual airlines or operator. Once we have provided you with the professional format and content for a specific airline, you can tailor the document for the future airlines you apply to, or request an updated cover letter from us at a discounted rate. The document is is returned in PDF format, or DOC/Pages if specifically requested.

As your use of the English language, spelling and grammar is heavily critiqued in your covering document and curriculum vitae, this service is particularly beneficial if English is not your first language.

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