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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Sample 1:

It is a well-known fact by everybody that education has an important place in our life. Nowadays, some may hold the opinion that parents are qualified enough to give education to their children. But others have a negative attitude that professional teachers' experiences and positive effects on a child are undeniable facts about his or her education base. As far as I am concerned, I hold the idea that parents are not the best teachers in that parents are not as well-informed as teachers, class atmosphere is required in education and children may feel alone because his friends are going to school.
To begin with, I agree with the statement that teachers have a better educational background than parents without reservation since teachers may also be parents but they study especially for being a teacher. Besides professional information they have, they get experience in this area for years. To be more precise, everybody has an area that they are good at, so parents should not be teachers of their children.
Another reason why I agree with the above statement is that I strongly believe that children should be familiar with the atmosphere of a class inasmuch as they can experience competition, know how to share their ideas without hesitation and gain self-confident. In other words, children can not improve their social skills while they have education at home.
Last but not least, although some people may disagree, I personally think that it is not fair to keep your child at home while his or her friends are going to school and having new friends. For instance, when a child becomes a teenager, he or she wants to spend time with his or her friends, share feelings etc. If the child is not going to the school, he or she will not have so many friends so it is hard to do things like that I mentioned. This puts a big pressure on the child and cause him or her feeling alone.

Sample 2:

It is a well-known fact by everybody that parents have an important impact on their children's teaching. Nowadays, some may hold the opinion that parents are the best teachers but others have a negative attitude. As far as I am concerned, I hold the idea that parents are the best teachers for their own children in that teaching can be started at a very early age by parents, the parents can direct their children in line with their abilities, and children can be more succesful when they are educated by their parents.
To begin with, I agree with the statement that education should start at early ages, because children can learn easily while growing up. Professional education starts at six or seven years old, until these ages children live with their parents and learn many things from them. What I am trying to say is that parents are the first teachers of their children, and they work hard to teach them in the most correct way.
Another reason why I agree with above statement is that I strongly believe that parents know their children more than other people, because they can observe them since they are born. In other words children grow up with their family, and show their abilities and strengths to their parents. So, their parents can decide correct teaching methods and areas for their children.
Last but not least, although some people may disagree, I personally think that people can be more successful if they do not feel under stressed. To illustrate, a professional teacher can be more authoritative than the parents of his or her students, then they learn some things as a responsibility from their teachers and forget these things after a while, but their parents do not create stress on children and they can learn things intentionally. So they can be more prospering in this way.
All in all, teaching can be made by parents at little ages correctly, the education which is compatible with the children's abilities can be provided by the parents, and the children can be more successful with the education given by their parents. Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that the parents can be the best teachers for children.

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Opinion Essay: Parents Are the Best Teachers

There is hardly anything more difficult and unthankful than parenthood. When people become parents, they are responsible for their child in the all means of this word. They are responsible for its health, wellbeing, education and personal development. They do not sleep at night in order to provide their child with everything it needs. It is considerable to emphasize that parents do not expect their children to give anything to them in return. Good bringing up is the best remedy for evil, deviance or crime. Parents can show with their own example how to behave in the society and how to interact with other people. They supply children with the basis of the successful socialization. It will not be a mistake to claim that parents are the best teachers.

Furthermore, they are the teachers who provide children with the most necessary information that will not be taught at school. Mothers and fathers teach their sons and daughters how to be a personality.

If we want to prove the truthfulness of the statement, 'parents are the best teachers', we should observe this problem from the side of history and sociology. Centuries ago, very few children could receive education. Only rich people could send their children to school or hire a private home teacher. The poor cared about their household. Every child was treated like the additional workforce. Thus, it was unprofitable to send a child to school if it could work with other family members. Of course, children worked with parents until night and only in the evening they could learn something new. If there were literate relatives, they shared their knowledge with children.

Grandparents and parents presented fairytales and legends. They sang songs and demonstrated their craft in manual work. In this way, children could learn something about their family, local area and the history of their country. Lucky children could learn to read and count.

In fact, home education was limited to the enumerated subjects. With the run of time, the level of social literacy increased and the majority of parents could teach their children to read before they went to school. Thereof, if we speak about early childhood, we should admit that basic knowledge about the surrounding world was received from parents. However, this tendency has not changed. Wise parents begin working with their children as soon as possible. No wonder, there are many four-year-old children who can read and count and they know the names of numerous animals, insects and plants.

Parents are often the best teachers because they know their child and can find the right approach towards it. Even if a father or mother does not know mathematics, physics or languages, they can encourage their child to study these subjects. The most notable parent's job is to motivate the child's self-improvement. There are many examples of the smartest scientists, economists, writers and politicians who were brought up by the common parents who had hardly finished school. In fact, they motivated their future outstanding children correctly. In my opinion, it is more vital to persuade one to study than simply to load him with information. The primary motivators are parents.

Parents teach their children the simplest things. On the other hand, these basic skills are vital. You will not learn from your schoolteachers how to ride a bike, fish, hunt, hitch tents, wash dishes and clean your room. Parents prepare their children to future occupation. They teach their children how to develop their skills and fulfill different kinds of work. Children become multitasking due to the influence of their parents.

To my mind, the biggest contribution of parents into their child's life is socialization. Without the proper influence of our parents, we would never learn how to communicate and cooperate with other people. It is perfect when parents teach children on their personal example. For instance, if a child goes to a supermarket with its mom, it can observe her behavior. The child learns how to choose products and how to pay for them. Infants begin to understand the value of money and communication. Parents can inform their children about the surrounding world. It is of vital importance to speak about different professions, kinds of sports and hobbies. Children become broadly interested in everything. They become explorers who want to learn new and new facts. Only good parents can encourage this longing for adventures and discoveries.

Now about the emotional side of bringing up. You will not learn how to be good to others and how to make friends from your schoolteacher. School provides children with facts. Parents teach how to live in this world. Without the right bringing up, you will not be able to use the information you have obtained at school. Parents teach children to respect other people. They teach children to love and care of the natural environment. If parents do not say such simple things to their small children, such emotions as sympathy and love will not appear in future. In the whole, parents teach us to be humane.

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