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The Bachelor: Expectations For Love Essay

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What does the show, "The Bachelor", say about our expectations for love in our culture?

The search for love is a dilemma most people are faced with at some point. Many different reality shows have been released over the years focusing on relationships. However the television show, The Bachelor, takes reality T.V. dating to the next level. Different from most dating reality T.V. shows, the participants on The Bachelor are looking for much more than just a relationship; the end goal is a proposal. The show revolves around a single bachelor who is essentially dating an entire group of woman, typically starting the first episode with around 25. As the show advances the bachelor eliminates women by not offering them a rose during the…show more content…

I found this episode on iTunes for $1.99, which is available to anyone with an account and willing to pay a small fee. I picked this episode because it is far enough in the season that the bachelor, Sean, has eliminated majority of girls but there is still eleven girls at the start of the episode (nine girls by the end). All eleven of these women genuinely believe they are dating Sean. In this episode the women compete with one another to score a one-on-one date with Sean but the whole purpose of the show is to compete to score the ring. This show represents a type of “love” that is called pseudo love, which is defined according to Mickel and Hall (2008). Pseudo love is loving without depth. It is surface love. Mickel and Hall state the idea, “I love you only so long as you make me feel good. The moment you make me feel bad or unhappy, I question my love for you” (2008, pg. 31). Pseudo love is being found more in society because people are refusing to have depth with one another. This relates perfectly to The Bachelor, any possible love that is found on this show is only pseudo love. This is because if there are any problems that arise between the bachelor and one of the women, the bachelor simply eliminates the woman from the show and continues onto the next girl. The Bachelor is promoting pseudo love within society. Pseudo love presents the false expectancy that love is the answer to all problems. The

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